Rear view mirror concave or convex? – Here’s the answer!

We all learned about plain, concave, and convex mirrors when we were in school. Back then, it felt simple, didn’t it? 

But now, when we have to identify a mirror, it feels complicated. However, it is important to learn what kinds of mirrors are a part of our daily lives. For example, let’s take our cars. Cars have many mirrors but which type are they? Is the rear view mirror, which we use so often, a convex mirror or a concave mirror? We are here to clear all your doubts!

Rear view mirror – concave or convex?

It is a convex mirror. Why don’t we use concave mirrors? Well, there’s a specific reason for this. 

We are sure you noticed the disclaimer on your mirror that says that objects are closer than they appear. This is what a convex mirror does. It diminishes the image and reflects it such that it appears farther. It also covers more ground so that you have a clear view of who’s behind you.

A concave mirror functions differently. For it to reflect an object, it must be very close to it. This doesn’t help in the driving scenario now, does it?

How to identify a convex mirror


It’s easy! Convex mirrors have outward curves. This means that the surface of reflection focuses on the light that falls on it. These mirrors create an image that is smaller than the actual and appears farther than it actually is.

Even the side view mirrors in cars and other vehicles have convex mirrors. 

Uses of concave mirrors


Did you know that concave mirrors are also used in vehicles? The headlight of the car is concave! When you switch on the headlights, the bulb produces light rays. The mirror then produces parallel light rays that fall on the road, enabling us to see what’s ahead.


Rearview mirrors are convex and are extremely important in all vehicles.

If your mirror is broken or cracked, we urge you to repair or replace it immediately so that you drive safe and do not endanger your life.

Be a responsible citizen and stay safe!

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