Lego vs Mega Bloks – Which one should you buy?

Ah, the royal battle! We have lost count of the number of times we have been asked to choose between these 2 popular kids’ sets. While we have a few hardcore Lego fans, who have nothing but bad things to say about Mega Bloks, the tables sometimes turn too. Mega Bloks are stiff competitors, in fact, with multiple fans.

But, when it comes to comparing and choosing one of them, which one prevails? You are about to find out!


Lego blocks are construction toys known for their sturdiness and durability. They are quite durable and small in size. The Lego Company has several trademarks to its name, such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, making it very attractive to kids and young adults alike. Moreover, Lego games and competitions are quite popular. 

However, Legos are quite expensive. Buying a set can weigh you down considerably.


Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are construction toys from a Canadian company. These toys have received quite a lot of hate with people terming them as cheap Legos or rip-offs. We think that’s quite unfair. Mega Bloks are durable as well, even though they may not compare to Legos in this regard. They are, however, safe and easy to play with. 

Mega Bloks are usually larger than Legos, but the company is now offering smaller pieces as well. Moreover, it has its own trademarks such as Hello Kitty, World of Warcraft, and Power Rangers. Younger kids can also explore their “first builders” collection to get started. 

The icing on the cake, which is also a huge selling point, is that Mega Bloks are affordable. 

mega blocks

Lego vs Mega Bloks

All said and done, we think it comes down to personal choice. Legos are obviously more popular and durable, but Mega Bloks are saviors for those who cannot afford Legos. If you want to play games, take part in competitions, and prefer easier construction instructions, though, Legos are your best choice

Are Mega Bloks compatible with Legos?

Even though many people love taking sides, there are many others who don’t mind playing with both these construction sets together. So, what if you end up with one set each? Can you play with them together? 

Yes and no.

It depends on the connections you aim to establish. Studs of bricks and Mega Bloks are compatible. You can connect them with ease. However, other connections may not be so easy. A wand from the Lego set may not connect properly with your Mega Bloks, for example. So, it really depends on your choices and play requirements.

Keep in mind, though, that in Lego competitions, you cannot use Mega Bloks. Also, if you plan on becoming a serious player, using Mega Bloks with Legos will lead to people glaring at you. They take this very seriously. As long as you are playing at home, though, it is fine.

Now that you know the basic features of Legos and Mega Bloks, are you going to stick to just one of them or try both? Let us know through comments!

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