Jeep Wrangler Rearview Mirror – Get A Clear View While Driving

The rearview mirror is one of the least popular accessories in a car. Not many of us spare a second thought to this rather important piece of equipment. That’s mostly because it comes fitted in the new car and does its job quietly with no bells and whistles.

Jeep Wrangler Rearview Mirror

It is only when it falls off or breaks that we realize that this little thing shouldered a lot of responsibility and driving is an absolute nightmare without it!

The Importance Of Rearview Mirrors

Rearview mirrors are convex mirrors that add a safety element to driving. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to see what’s behind you, which means that you wouldn’t be able to prepare for incoming traffic or dangers. Here are a few more uses of rearview mirrors:

  • They help you park safely
  • They are very handy in parallel parking and leaving the parking space without accidents
  • They ensure safety especially when you have to come to a sudden stop
  • They help you prepare based on traffic so that you steer clear of dangers
  • They prevent accidents

Editor’s Choice

Jeep Wrangler owners – this article is dedicated to you. After extensive research, we have fished out some of the best rearview mirrors available at this time. They are all popular, highly-rated, and reliable.

1. MICTUNING Upgraded Rectangular Door Hinge Mirror

This is a hardy mirror that you can install as a side mirror or a rearview mirror. It is compatible with Jeep Wrangler models only and comes with the following features: 

  • MICTUNINGThe mirror is made of alloy steel and is very easy to install. You just need to twist a nut to fix it in place! It also comes with extra washers for firm installation.
  • It has a streamlined design that reduces the noise of the wind during driving, thus ensuring that you have no distractions to worry about.
  • It is not just made of steel but also coated with a powdered coating. This black coating provides durability, resistance to dirt, resistance to rust, and protection against the elements.
  • This is a 7.7-inch mirror with a clear field of view. 
  • It is flexible and offers 360-degree adjustment. 
  • Extremely good quality
  • Firm installation
  • Clear view
  • Does not come with installation instructions


2. Rugged Ridge 11020.02 Rearview Mirror

The next product on our list is Amazon’s Choice (and ours as well). It has a universal fit and is compatible with almost all Jeep models on-road today. Here are reasons why you should go for it:

  • Rugged RidgeThis is a large mirror measuring 9.5 inches. It is a direct OE replacement for Jeep models.
  • It comes with a windshield button and glue for quick installation. You don’t have to worry about purchasing anything else.
  • The glass mirror has black housing for protection.
  • It is extremely well-built and made to last for years.
  • It has a 5-year warranty, which is quite exceptional.
  • Can be installed in 30 seconds
  • Solid build
  • OE fit
  • The mount is not black and can be slightly visible


3. Genuine Jeep Rearview Mirror

This rearview mirror from JINGEA is suitable for Jeep Wrangler models from 1987 to 2012. It fits other vehicles as well such as Cherokee and Compass. Some of its highlights are as follows:

  • Genuine JeepThis is an OEM replacement part, which has reached the market after many rigorous quality tests.
  • It is a manual rearview mirror with anti-glare quoting.
  • The HD mirror allows 360-degree rotation to enable you to get the perfect view.
  • It is very easy to install and will not take more than a few minutes.
  • It is black and made of high-quality materials for longevity.
  • OEM mirror
  • Works as expected
  • Nothing


4. 10.5-inch Rearview Mirror by JINGEA

Here’s another Amazon’s Choice mirror for you. It is large and designed to be installed inside the vehicle. Let’s find out more:

  • JINGEAIt measure 10.5 inches, which is quite large and handy.
  • It gives a clear view with no glare. In fact, you have the option to turn the anti-glare feature ON or OFF based on your requirement. 
  • The anti-glare feature is especially handy at night when the other vehicles’ bright lights are turned on and seeing clearly is a challenge.
  • It is made of good quality materials and is easy to install.
  • The HD mirror is a direct OE replacement. 
  • Large and HD
  • OE replacement – quick installation
  • Handy anti-glare feature
  • Works well even in extreme heat
  • Nothing


5. Rearview Mirror – KITBEST Universal Anti-glare Car Interior Mirror

All those who like large mirrors will appreciate this one. It is among the largest on our list at 11.8 inches and has been Amazon’s Choice for quite a while. Below are the reasons why:

  • Rearview MirrorThe mirror removes all blind spots while driving thanks to its large size.
  • It allows universal fit and comes with very easy installation.
  • It is an anti-glare, HD mirror with tough glass that can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • It removes distortions and is anti-splash. This is a safety feature because when the frame breaks, it will not allow shards to fall off.
  • It has a blue tint for safe driving at night.
  • It also comes with a stretchable clip for easy fixing.
  • Anti-shake design
  • Anti-splash and anti-glare
  • Universal fit
  • Images may seem narrow in the mirror



A rearview mirror has many functions, which is why it is an important piece of accessory. If the OE part falls off, your priority should be to replace it immediately. The aforementioned options will cut your research time and allow you to purchase the best without any problems. If you have any doubts regarding the same, please reach out to us.

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