Is it Illegal to Drive Without a Rear View Mirror? – Know the Real Truth

Driving may be a great pastime, a stress-buster, and an extremely convenient means of transport but we can use this superb innovation to its best potential only when we are careful and follow all the safety instructions.

Is it Illegal to Drive Without a Rear View Mirror?

Now, some people give these guidelines a miss such as driving without buckling the seatbelt or never fixing the bumper or leaving the broken rearview mirror as it is. Each of these can lead to dangerous situations. Plus, we have laws that forbid us to be so careless. One common question is whether it is illegal to drive without a rearview mirror.

The law is different in different countries and states. So, there may not be a definite answer to the question,

Is it illegal to drive without a rearview mirror?

Going by consensus though, we have deduced that it is not illegal if you have the other mirrors intact. If you notice, you have two side mirrors and a rearview mirror in each car. That’s a total of three mirrors. If any two of these are perfect, the law is on your side.

But, just because it is legal, doesn’t mean you take it for granted. Your focus should be on safety because we all know how tragic road accidents can be. It is very important to be able to see behind you and on your sides when you are driving. It gives you a sense of the road and navigation is easier. Side and rearview mirrors facilitate just that. If we do not have them or if they are damaged, our vision is compromised, and we automatically endanger ourselves and the others riding with us. If your rear view mirror is damaged, then use some quality glue and repair them. Is it worth it, really? We don’t think so.

Always drive with a rear view mirror

Things like mirrors and seatbelts seem very trivial unless something bad happens. Why wait for something bad to happen though? Why shouldn’t we be careful right from the start and ensure that our car is not just amazing but also safe? Think about it!

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