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How to turn off interior lights in Ford Escape – Car interior guide

The Ford Escape is a sleek car that comes in 4 trim levels at the moment – Titanium, SEL, SE, and S. The 2021 models are quite upgraded and have some interesting features that you will love. However, there’s one issue that many of our readers are facing – turning off the interior lights. It is noted that the lights stay on and they are unable to figure out how to turn them off. If you are in a similar state, this guide will help you.

Why are my interior lights staying on?

All Ford models come with an in-built feature that switches on the light when the doors are open. Only when you lock the doors will the lights go off. There’s no way to switch the lights off except to change the way the function/control is designed. We have many users asking the same question but since it is a standard feature, there’s little we can do to disable it.

In some cases, the interior lights are staying on even after locking all the doors. Understanding why your interior lights are not turning off is essential. This will help you find the answer. The most common reason behind interior lights staying on is a broken door switch. It can also happen if there’s some fault in the dashboard that’s keeping the light control knob activated.

How to turn off interior lights in Ford Escape

Check the dome lamp. Here’s where you will find the map lamp controls. Pressing the buttons once will turn the lights on. Pressing them again should turn them off. This solution works on Ford Escape models without a moon roof.

If you want to turn the lights off with the trunk still open, you will have to engage in some steps that require tools such as a screwdriver. Using the screwdriver, you should open the hatch and push the hitch upwards. Now, push your hatch down to about 80% and the interior lights will automatically go off. 

People also ask

We shall now answer a few related FAQs.

1) Are Ford Escapes reliable?

The latest models are definitely an improvement but they are still prone to problems. You may encounter a few more problems than usual if you buy a Ford Escape.

2) Is the Ford Escape being discontinued?

We have heard that it might be discontinued after 2022. 

3) What goes wrong with Ford Escape models?

They usually have transmission issues.

4) Is a Ford Escape expensive to maintain?

No, it is not. In fact, yearly maintenance of a Ford Escape is quite less when compared to the other models.


It can be frustrating not to be able to turn the interior lights off but there are ways to remedy that. We hope our guide provided the answer you are looking for. If you need any additional help or have more questions about the Ford Escape, please let us know through comments.

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