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How to Glue Rear View Mirror on Windshield?: Attach it Correctly

Almost all of us know what a rearview mirror is, and how it works! But, let me brief it for our young drivers and teenagers. A rearview mirror is a mirror which is designed to direct the driver towards the back while reversing the car or any other vehicle. Such mirrors are glued snug to the windshield, and they can also occasionally fall off just like the other parts. In this article, you can get a quick and step by step guide to glue a rear view mirror. Take out your tools and let’s get back to work.

There are many reasons for coming off the rearview mirrors like a car crash, heavy bumpers, hard jerks, accidental head bumping to the mirrors, etc. Apart from that, constant sun exposure or the heat, and car vibration can also play a role in falling off the rearview mirror. Old cars are likely to have such issues on a frequent basis.

How to Glue Rear View Mirror on Windshield?

If you have a broken mirror, it is essential to replace it as soon as possible to make car’s rear visibility intact. Reinstalling the rearview mirror is not a tough job, and you can also do it in on your own. You can find DIY kits at any automobile shops or garages. To install the mirror, you will need;

  • A rearview mirror
  • The mirror attachment kit
  • Window cleaner or Clinical alcohol
  • Razor blade
  • Dryer (optional)

Step 1: Removal of Mounting Button

Every car’s windshield contains a mounting button which is expected to be removed from the mirror assembly at the time of repairing or replacing the rearview mirror. It can be removed by either sliding it off or unscrew it from the mirror’s arm. This removal is the primary step of the process.

Step 2: Warm the Windshield

Generally, our car gets cold and so does the windshield. Professionals suggest that it is essential to keep the windshield warmer before applying the activator. An icy windshield may not allow the glue to stick on the glass properly by causing condensation. To avoid such mess, we must apply heat by the hair dryer or some other tools to the windshield as a warm-up process.

Warm the Windshield

Step 3: Removal of Old Adhesive

After the warm-up session, now it’s time to clean the windshield to remove all the old adhesive so that the glass can become perfectly clean. To remove the dried glue on the mounting button, use the razor blade. After that, take window cleaner or alcohol to clean the windshield and back side of the bracket. Avoid finger touch to save the windshield from getting oily.

Removal of Old Adhesive

Step 4: Measurements and Marking

If you have some old cars or vehicles, take a tape and stick it to the outside of your windshield so that you can get the exact spot for the bracket to go on the inside. New vehicles come with a black band on the outside which can help us to decide where the bracket should go inside. So, the fourth step is to mark the exact point.

Step 5: Applying the Activator

After deciding the exact spot, now it’s time to use an activator spray on both the surfaces. It is important to cover both – inside of the windshield and back side of the bracket. Give it some time so that it can be dried thoroughly. It will not take much time and may take only a few minutes.

Step 6: Gluing the Mounting Button

Put some glue on the basket and some on the mounting button. Do not put even a small amount of glue on the windshield. Firmly push the button onto the windshield. Keep the button pressed for a minute or two. Just keep in mind that applying the adhesive on the right side of the bracket is vital to get results.

Gluing the Mounting Button

Step 7: Rear View Mirror Attachment

After waiting for 5 to 10 minutes, once the bracket fully adheres to the windshield, attach the mirror to the mounting bracket. Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the attachment.

Rear View Mirror Attachment

Which Glue to Use on Rearview Mirror?

If you are getting confused which are the best glues available, then according to many other professionals and me, Loctite 37438 Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit and Rugged Ridge 11020.02 Rear View Mirror are the best option to buy. Apart from that, you can also go for Auto Vox Wireless Reverse Camera Kit if the budget is not an issue.

That’s it. This is the step by step guide on how to glue rearview mirror! If you still feel that it is not your cup of tea and you will end up messing the whole process, you can go to the automobile mechanic and get some help.


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