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How to Fix Side Mirror on Car With Glue? – Guide to Attach Side Mirror

Side mirrors are crucial for driving safely. The beginners, as well as trained drivers, know how important it is to have side mirrors. But sometimes you might notice that the mirror has broken, or someone broke it by mistake when you kept in the parking lot. There are many instances that people have complained about the mirror falling and creating problems for the drivers. So what to do when you notice that the side mirror is not in the right place? Don’t worry I will give you the solution along with the details to help you in fixing the side mirror properly.

How to Fix Side Mirror on Car With Glue?

If your mirror has fallen due to some reason or it has come out then you can use the following ways to fix it:

  1. Take the mirror and an adhesive heat gun. Using an adhesive with the heat gun will ensure that the mirrors stick to the support properly. Apply a generous amount of glue on the backside of the mirror and fix it. Hold the mirror for 30 seconds and then let it dry for a while. I would recommend doing this procedure at night or the time when you are not going to drive for a while so that the mirror is fixed correctly.
  2. Another way to fix the mirror is with the help of silicone beads. You can take silicone beads, four or I would suggest five beads and stick it onto the backside of the mirror. Now take the mirror and fix it. Hold it in the same position for 30 seconds so that the mirror doesn’t fall.

If the mirror has broken you can follow these steps given below to fix it:

  1. Place a bucket or an empty container to collect the pieces of broken mirror.
  2. Scrape the pieces of mirror carefully. Make sure that you are wearing gloves while scraping it.
  3. Scarpe all the pieces off and then take a new mirror and fix it with the glue as mentioned above.

There might be instances that even after doing everything and trying every step nothing fixes the mirror firmly then you should consider replacing the side mirror. Side mirrors are used the most and while accidents or crashes it is the first thing that comes off. There are many types of side mirrors that are available in the market today. For making it easy for you to find the best option of a side mirror for the replacement I am describing different types of the mirror:

1. Blind spot detection

There are many mirrors available that have blind spot detection. It helps the driver in knowing that there is a vehicle in their blind spot through the sensors — the mirrors with this technology help in detecting the vehicles approaching towards the blind spot and helps in avoiding accidents.

2. Folding side mirrors

There have been instances when people have damaged their car due to narrow parking spaces and lanes. But now there are folding mirrors available that fold to the inside of the car that makes easy to park the car in the narrow places without damaging the side mirrors. There are fully automatic folding mirrors also available that fold in when the car is parked.

3. Electric Side mirrors

Many high-end vehicles have this kind of side mirrors. These side mirrors can be adjusted with the help of a switch that is provided. It helps in easing out the process of positioning your side mirror correctly.

So these were few options that I found helpful. There are many other types of mirrors as well that are available in the market. I hope this article gave you all the information about fixing the side mirror and replacing it if required.

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