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How to Fix Headliner Without Removing It – Guide to Repair Headliner

A number of people notice that the headliner of their car starts sagging after some time. This sagging is due to poor maintenance, long road trips, etc. Prolonged exposure to heat or dampness in the environment can also lead the headliner to sag. The glue that holds the headliner to the roof boarding of the car starts to loosen, which results in sagging. Now you must be wondering why it is essential to fix headliners. Well, I will tell you exactly why.

Importance of Headliners

Headliners or headlining is the fabric attached to the roof framing of your car. These headliners play a vital role in keeping a moderate and pleasant temperature inside the vehicle. They act as insulators for both extreme hot and cold conditions. Another vital feature is that they absorb sound and thus act as a barrier for the outside noise. This ensures a perfect atmosphere for playing music inside the car.

It is crucial to fix this issue to keep your car’s temperature consistent. It is not possible to replace it whenever it starts sagging because that would cost a lot. Instead, there are some hacks that you can try to fix it. Let’s go through these quick tricks and hacks now.

How to Fix Headliner Without Removing It?

Glue for the rescue

The most tried and tested method for fixing the headlining is glue. You can use this trick when you notice that the headliner is starting to come off from the edges or is sagging partially. Regular glue will not be able to help with this issue. You will need a specialized headliner adhesive glue. You can also opt for a can adhesive spray as it will work best for fixing it in no time.

Use pins for a quick fix

Another easy and hassle-free method is to use pins. This method is cheap and time saving. You just need to buy a set of thumb pins or sequins pin. Start pinning the fabric back to the boarding of the car. You can also make a pattern while placing pins to make the headliner look aesthetic and pretty.

Double-Sided tape can work too.

If you ask me an invention that is my favorite, it will be a double-sided tape. This works wonders for fixing the headliner within few minutes. You can use it if you can access the inside of the headlining. You need a double-sided tape that will stick to the roof’s frame and fabric. The tape helps in fastening the fabric firmly to the roof, which helps to fix the sagging headliner. You can also use this hack if you notice damage on the edges.

Clear-headed twist pins

This method is one of the easy and preferred one out of all. You can ask for clear-headed twist pins at any supermarket. These pins are also called saggy stoppers, as they are the most suitable solution to your sagging headliner. There are pointy ends in the pins that are twisted into the head. Push it against the backboard while rotating it, and voila your headline will be fixed. The reason why I prefer it is that these pins do not cause any damage to the backboard like other pins. They also don’t make any holes in the backboard. It is no-fuss and truly a quick fix.

Hair steamer and Paint roller

For this method, you will need a hair steamer and paint roller. The major factor that causes headliner to sag is that the glue that is holding the headlining in place loses its potency. To fix this loosening issue of glue, you can take the help of a hair steamer that will melt the glue in the headliner. This method helps the fabric in reattaching to its frame. To ensure that the glue sticks properly, use a paint roller so that the headliner sticks to the glue. See to it that there are no wrinkles in the headliner. This trick works great when there is little sagging only in the headliner or only around edges.

Concluding Remarks

All the methods mentioned above are temporary solutions and quick fixes. Inspect the areas and choose the method for fixing the headliner wisely. Do a little research about the problem and hack before starting the process of setting it. These hacks work better if there is only a slight sagging in the headliner or just around corners. In the long run, you will need to fix this issue permanently by replacing the headliner. Make sure you keep a check on the headliner of your car, especially in extreme conditions.

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