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How to Fix Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror? – Easy Guide

Auto-dimming mirrors are one of the great inventions for the people who drive in dark or late in the night. These mirrors are a type of rearview mirrors that are used in vehicles. As the name itself suggests, these mirrors have the capability of automatically dimming the light reflecting from its surface. This mirror is preferable for both driver and the person who is following, as it reduces the reflection of light to a level that the light doesn’t enter your eyes as well as it does not enter the eyes of the person following us.

Working of an Auto Dimming Mirror

The angle of the auto-dimming mirror can also be manually changed to dim the light coming from the vehicles following us. These mirrors are quite useful for people who often travel in dark and also helps in driving on the roads with traffic.

Auto-dimming rear view mirror has two sensors and one control unit:

  • Ambient sensor: This sensor specializes in sensing the ambient light which is followed by the signal sent to the control unit signaling it to start its work.
  • Glare sensor: It helps in measuring the light’s intensity falling on the mirror and sends signals to the control unit based on the intensity of the light.
  • Control Unit: The primary function of the unit is to monitor both the sensors and reduce the intensity of reflected light thus reducing the glare.

The sensors are photodiode based sensors that converts the light into electric current. This current is sent as a signal through electrochromic gel present between the sensors. The signal helps in auto-dimming the light.

How to Fix Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror?

Auto-dimming mirrors are often observed not working correctly after a certain period. It stops dimming the light, the liquid is seen behind the glass, etc.
There are many reasons why the mirrors stop working such as

  1. A defective dimming rearview mirror can be due to loose wirings, short circuit or faulty parts.
  2. There is a problem with the glass of the windshield.
  3. Due to wear and tear of the mirror.

Following steps can repair the defective Auto-dimming mirrors:

  • If it is a case of lose wirings or short circuits, then the current should be checked with the help of a voltmeter. These wirings should be fixed which will help in the proper working of the mirror.
  • If there is a problem with leakage of gel, it should be checked and fixed. This gel is essential for the dimming feature of the mirror.
  • The glass of the windshield should be checked and cleaned properly to make sure there is no problem with the glass.

All the solutions mentioned above can be used to repair the auto dimming mirror. Sometimes even after checking all the wirings, leakage and other possible faulty parts it is seen that still, the auto dimming mirror doesn’t work. In such cases, it might be possible that the mirrors have been in use for an extended period and due to much wear and tear it has stopped working. As the parts of machine or machines have a fixed span of time for its use, one should think of replacing it with the new one to avoid glare and the problems caused by glare such as strain on eyes, fatigue, difficulty in driving, etc.

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