Does a Car Need a Rear View Mirror to Pass MOT? – Check the Requirements

Several people take up MOT each year in the United Kingdom for ensuring vehicle safety and check if the vehicle exhausts are under the recommended limits. Now when it comes to these tests, a lot of people have questions regarding it. But before we look at the questions and the guidelines of the test, lets quickly have a look at what the test is actually about.

What does the MOT stand for?

MOT Testing

MOT or Ministry of Transport test is an annual safety check test that is conducted to ensure that vehicle meets all the criteria from minimum road safety standards. MOT also ensures that the exhaust emissions are regulated levels by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). The primary aim of conducting these tests is to check that the vehicle meets all the legal standards of the road safety guidelines and is safe to drive. However, not all vehicles need to pass this test, so make sure to check the requirements for the vehicle before giving this test. 

Generally, any vehicle that is three years older or more is required to pass this test. So both tests and the certificate for the same are referred to as MOT.

What is included in this test?

The MOT tester generally looks at the multiple parts of the car and its structure, such as the general condition, fuel systems, mirrors, seatbelts, load security, brakes, tires, lights, horns, suspension and more. It might sound like a lot, but it a test to check all the components of your vehicle to ensure that there are no significant damages or potential risks. Any major defect with any part of your vehicle can become a hurdle to pass this test.

Does a Car Need a Rear View Mirror to Pass MOT?

Now that we know about the test, let us look at the answer for the most frequently asked question to it, which is, “does a car need a rearview mirror to pass MOT.” And the answer is Yes, rearview mirrors are obligatory for the test.

In the visibility section of the MOT, the examiner checks and sees to it that the rearview mirrors or the in the indirect vision devices you are using to get the proper view of the rear. Indirect vision devices include the rearview cameras, which can be used as a replacement for the mirrors on some vehicles. 

Also, as per the manual, vehicles are permitted to have or use one interior mirror and one exterior mirror to pass the test. In order to make sure that you can pass the tests, check the mirrors and its positions beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush. Always set your mirrors according to your height so that there is no impairment in vision.

Accepted Mirror positions for MOT

According to the manual for MOT following three positions of the mirror are acceptable to pass the test:

  • Exterior mirror or a divide that aids in providing the view along the offside of the vehicle.
  • Interior rearview mirror or a device that provides a rear view of the vehicle
  • Exterior mirror or a device that offers the view of the surroundings near the vehicle.

The examiners also check for the minor or major defects in the mirrors and indirect vision to make sure that the vehicles are safe to drive. So it is better to fix any such defects before taking MOT.

Concluding Remarks

So yes, one needs to have a rearview mirror in his/her for MOT. Go through the other guidelines and test manual to understand other rules and requirements for the test.

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