Best Glue for Sticking Car Trim – Top Trim Sticking Adhesive of 2021

Car owners know the struggle of loose parts and trim that can cause hurdles while driving. And one of the commonly faced issues is that of the weatherstripping coming off. Now, this is the component or the adhesive that holds your trim or other parts in its place. You might have seen the trims below your windows on the exterior or the ones near your headliner that have this stripping. It is quite usual to face such an issue like every other product; the weatherstripping also has its longevity. But what is good about this problem is that you can solve it on your own if you get an automotive adhesive that is meant to fix such kinds of issues. Your regular glue is not formulated to hold rubber, metal, or plastic in its place and hence you must invest in a car trim adhesives.

Although some people prefer to take their cars to a factory or a mechanic to fix this issue, I would recommend investing in a good adhesive for the car and get it done by yourself. By doing so, you will not only save some money but would also acquire a new skill as a car owner. I am a firm believer in learning to solve such trivial issues on my own because it doesn’t take that long enough, and you will feel the sense of accomplishment after doing it yourself. So now that you are motivated enough, let us go through some options of the best adhesives for car trim. I have made sure to include affordable options, and most of them are under $10.

Best Glue for Sticking Car Trim

1. 3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive


3M is one brand that is known for its premium quality products and accessories. This adhesive is rated as one of the best ones among the other options available in the market. It is formulated to bond to the rubber gaskets. This kind of adhesive works well for the car trims, car doors, trunks, sunroofs and more. It is a high-strength adhesive that ensures that it has a waterproof seal on the surfaces it is applied. Apart from automobiles, the consumers are also happy with its uses for other surfaces like metal, fabric, rubber, vinyl and more. 


  • The adhesive forms an entirely flexible and waterproof bond that can resist vibrations while driving.
  • It has the features of resisting oils, solvents, detergents, and temperature fluctuations.
  • The adhesive comes in two sizes and is affordable.
  • The glue is easy to apply with the tube itself and also takes less time.
  • It takes 24 hours usually to cure and holds the rubber weatherstripping in place.


  • As it is a strong adhesive, its odor can be undesirable for the users.


2. Amazing Goop Automotive Adhesive for Sticking Car Trim

Amazing GOOP

Car owners hunting for a quick fix and affordable car trim adhesive can also opt for this automotive adhesive from Amazing Goop. This sealant forms strong bonds and is also a single-component adhesive. It can withstand the temperature changes and heat up to 150 F. The bond formed by the adhesive can resist the vibrations and also seal the leaks in hoses. This adhesive is ideal for someone who is searching for a sealant that can be used both for interiors and exteriors of the car to fix the issues. The users find this adhesive easy to apply with the help of the directions of use given on the packet itself. It is slightly more pricey than the previous options, but the reviews and features of this glue make it worth those extra bucks. 


  • The adhesives work well for repairing the seat cover tears, cracks in the trim, and floor mats.
  • This glue is relatively more effective than the silicone in order to protect the battery terminals against corrosion.
  • It is also able to fix the lights, mirrors, handles, seats, and more in the car.
  • One can also use this adhesive to seal the headlights and windshields.
  • Also, like other adhesives, this one forms stable bonds with various materials such as leather, vinyl, metal, glass, and more.


  • The glue is formulated using toluene, which can irritate nose, skin, and eyes on prolonged exposure. 


3. 3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive 

3M Plastic

If you want to buy a product from a trusted brand, then here is another option from 3M. This adhesive can be used for plastic, rigid plastics, metal emblems, taillight lenses, vinyl side moldings and much more. The users can directly apply this adhesive from the tube as it is a single component trim adhesive. Unlike other glues and sealants, one doesn’t need to mix the glue with other components. Its quick-acting formula takes approximately 10 to 30 seconds as working time. As the adhesive has the features of setting quickly and with ease, it can be a suitable buy for the users looking for trim adhesive. 


  • It is a solvent-based adhesive that can withstand the environmental changes and maintain the bond.
  • The formulation of the adhesive is done to give a strong adhesion that can withstand environmental factors such as heat and water.
  • It dries down clear on translucent and transparent surfaces.
  • This adhesive has a quick-acting property and sets quickly in 15 minutes.
  • The glue takes 24 hours to cure completely and forms a permanent bond.
  • This 3M adhesive can bond fully cured paints and plastics in car’s interiors as well as exteriors.


  • This adhesive has a quick drying time, so one needs to speed up the process of fixing and do it carefully.
  • The users have faced issues while using this adhesive for fixing the window trims.


4. Pro Stick Trim Adhesive for Car Trim

Pro Stick

The next alternative on this list is this spray adhesive from the house of Pro Stick. This particular adhesive is meant for use in cars as well as other household materials such as laminates, wooden pieces and more. The spray adhesive can be a good alternative for the beginners and also for the ones who want to repair the exteriors of their cars. It can be a suitable trim adhesive as well and has a quick-acting time.


  • This adhesive works for fixing lightweight headliners, carpets and other materials such as kick plates and plastic lettering.
  • It can withstand the high temperature and its changes as well.
  • The adhesive is formulated to dry quickly and settle down clear.
  • As it is spray form, one can easily cover the areas that are compact or narrow.


  • The buyers have complained about the longevity of this glue as it doesn’t hold the bond for a longer time.


How to reattach rubber trim on car

How to reattach rubber trim on car

The chances are that if you are searching for trim adhesives, you might want to know a procedure about fixing it too. And if not, well it is always good to be educated and prepared for things like this. It is quite common to see your weatherstripping coming off from the car, which results in loose trims and accessories. It is always a good idea to fix it before your car’s trim starts breaking or cracking. Follow this step by step procedure to reattach the rubber trim on the car:

  • Firstly unscrew the pieces and keep the screws aside for using it later.
  • Once you have gotten rid of the trim, you need to get rid of the stripping to replace it with a new one.
  • For this, you need to remove the stripping using the adhesive remover thoroughly. Take your time while working on its removal so that you have a clean surface to start for reattaching the rubber trim back.
  • Wipe the channel and let it dry, or you could use a tissue to pat dry it.
  • After you have removed the old weatherstripping completely, apply any one of the above-mentioned car trim adhesives. Make sure you apply in the proper alignment.
  • Now place your rubber trim back and press firmly. While doing this step, make sure that you have correctly positioned the trim on the adhesive. 
  • Fix the trim with the screws and let it dry for a day or two, and voila, you have reattached the trim.

Concluding Remarks

It is crucial to invest in the adhesives that do what they claim. There are many other glues available for the car trims, but these four are the top-rated ones and have worked for a lot of buyers. One might find inexpensive adhesives at departmental stores, but the glue is not that strong enough and it doesn’t hold the bond for a long time. And hence for making your purchase worth it, you can use this blog to make your choice. My recommendation would be the second option- Amazing goop automotive adhesive. While others also work for fixing the issues, I think this one works better and is also durable. I hope this article helps you to find the suitable trim adhesive for your car.

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